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A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has again ordered the Department of State Security Services, SSS, to vacate the residence of a former National Security Adviser, NSA, Sambo Dasuki, in Asokoro Abuja, and to also obey its order allowing him to travel abroad for medical attention.


Justice Adeniyi Ademola gave the order on Friday after Mr. Dasuki had returned to court to report the Nigerian government for refusing to allow him enforce his fundamental rights.


“A Court order must be obeyed,” Mr. Ademola said.


He also said there was nothing wrong in allowing Mr. Dasuki to travel abroad for medical treatment, saying “only a fit person can stand for trial and investigation. My own orders will not be flouted”.


Mr. Dasuki had approached the court last Monday asking for an order to allow him enforce his rights.


In the suit, Mr. Dasuki, who has been placed under house arrest in the last one week by operatives of the SSS, sought enforcement of his fundamental human rights to dignity and security of his life.


Armed security operatives have been permanently stationed at his residence, closely monitoring in-and-out movements and occasionally checking trunks of vehicles.


In the suit filed by his counsel, Ahmed Raji, Mr. Dasuki pleaded with the court to stop the siege on his house and to remove all impediments, human and non-human barricade and bulwarks said to have hindered the permission granted him since November 3 to travel abroad for treatment of his ailing medical condition.


In a motion on notice filed pursuant to section 36(5) 37 and 41 of the 1999 constitution and sections 1(1) and (2) and 266 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, the ex-NSA also sought an order of the court extending the November 3 order permitting him to travel abroad for treatment.


The motion on notice was premised on five grounds including the request to enforce the three-week permission granted him by the court on November 3 to keep a re-rescheduled medical appointment with his physician abroad.


He claimed that the Federal Government acting through the operatives of the SSS and other security agencies had frustrated the order by barricading his apartment since the permission was granted.


Mr. Dasuki further asked the court to dispose with his appearance in court for the purpose of this application because of the alleged constant threats to his life from the security agencies.


In a 13-paragraph affidavit in support of the motion, Mr. Dasuki claimed that following the order of November 3 permitting him to go abroad for medical attention, he immediately purchased his travel ticket and boarding pass issued to him to accomplish the trip.


He said shortly after, operatives of the SSS acting on behalf of the Federal Government, stormed and barricaded his house at Asokoro in brazen defiance of the court order and prevented him from traveling out.


Mr. Dasuki asserted that the siege on his house ought to be immediately removed and that as a result of the aggression of the Federal Government, his life has been under constant threat.


In his order Friday, Justice Ademola said he would send his staff to go to Mr. Dasuki’s residence to confirm his claims about a siege.


The Federal Government had preferred criminal charges of unlawful possession of firearms and money laundering against Mr. Dasuki at the Federal High Court.


He denied the charges and was granted bail.


As a result of his successful application, Justice Ademola had on November 3 granted him permission to travel abroad to treat his ailment.


The grant of the permission followed the affidavit evidence filed by the Federal Government that investigations into the alleged possession of firearms and money laundering have been fully completed.


However, the three-week permission to go abroad for medical attention could not be implemented following the house arrest the SSS placed Dasuki since November 4, 2015.



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The wife of the Delta State Governor, Dame Edith Okowa has called on Deltans to imbibe the habit of giving to the less-privileged around them.

Dame Okowa made the call during the inaugural ceremony of Blessing O. Foundation at the hall of celebration, Asaba, while speaking on the blessing that comes with giving.


The governor’s wife cited Dorcas in the Bible who was known for her philanthropy, noting that a giver always experiences light, healing and life in every area of his or her life, including finances.


She said God is a giver and has commissioned His children to do same, adding that Christianity was not about church attendance but a relationship with Christ, centered on obedience to him.


Dame Okowa commended the founder of the Blessing O. Foundation, Mrs. Blessing Onwuachi, for her Philanthropic activities, adding that when the churches reach out to those within their families and indigenes took care of the needy in their communities, the society would be better place to live in.


In a keynote address, Barr. Charles Ojakovo said neglecting the needy and hardening the heart to the misery, poverty, disease, hopelessness and helplessness of people bred a hostile society.


While calling for more support for philanthropic organisations, he stressed the need for the media, the rich, the legal profession, beneficiaries of charity and state government to play their role in strengthening philanthropy activities in Nigeria.


The chairman of the occasion, Mrs. Phil Okonkwo and the secretary of the Blessing O. Foundation, Frances Onwuachi said passion, will and association with like minds were vital ingredients in achieving ones dream in life.


Highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the Blessing O. Foundation by the governor’s wife, Dame Edith Okowa.


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 Ekweremadu, PDP, re-elected Deputy Senate President under a majority APC rule.


The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, on Thursday, came down hard on the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, saying it simply used propaganda to win the 2015 election and has failed to fulfill a single of the promises the party made to Nigerians.


Speaking at the National Conference of the PDP which held at the Thisday Dome Abuja, Mr. Ekweremadu said the APC won by promising much more than they could deliver.


“Unfortunately, the chicken has come home to roost sooner than anticipated. No campaign promise, I repeat, no promise made by the present APC administration has been kept.


“They promised to scale up the exchange rate of our currency to a Naira to one US Dollar. Have they kept this promise? They promised to bring back the Chibok girls in three months. Have they brought back the Chibok Girls? They promised to pay N5,000 to 25 million unemployed youths. Have they paid a kobo to any youth?


“They promised free meals to our children in the schools. Have they given any? They recently promised to end the Boko Haram insurgency in December 2015. We earnestly hope and pray that this particular promise is kept in the overall interest of our nation,” he said.


Communiqué Issued At The End Of One-Day PDP National Conference Held at ThisDay Dome, Abuja On Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Communiqué Issued At The End Of One-Day PDP National Conference Held at ThisDay Dome, Abuja On Thursday, November 12, 2015


In keeping with Article 33 (5, 8) of the constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the National Working Committee (NWC), acting on behalf of the National Executive Committee (NEC) formally authorized the convening of a Special National Party Conference.


The Conference was held at the ThisDay Dome, Abuja on Thursday, 12th of November, 2015.


The Conference was attended by Party leaders and key stakeholders including, founding members of the Party, serving and former elected and appointed officers on the platform of the party at all levels as well as youth and women leaders across the country.


The objectives of the Conference include;

1. To take stock of the party’s performance at the 2015 Presidential and general elections.

2. To reflect on the future of the party with a view to providing better options for the Nigerian electorate.


The theme of the Conference was “PDP and the Sustenance of Democratic Ideals In Nigeria”


Key resource persons at the Conference include 

1. Prof. ABC Nwosu

2. Amb. Mrs. Nkoyo Toyo

3. Kabiru Tanimu Turaki. SAN

4. Prof. Dakas J Dakas



The Conference observed as follows:

Whereas the PDP was established to:

1. Restore democracy and rule of law in Nigeriaand usher in the Third Republic

2. Reaffirm that federalism bequeathed to us by the founding fathers of the country remains the only acceptable form of government in Nigeria.

3. Accelerate National development, protect the basic freedoms and fundamental rights of Nigerian citizens,


The Conference noted the selfless contributions of the Party in the struggle to enthrone democratic governance as well as strengthening the framework for sustainabledemocracy in the last 16 years.


The Conference noted:

1. That the PDP inherited an authoritarian polity, a pariah state with mono-cultural economy heavily dependent on oil, which was selling at the lowest level at the international market,

2. A huge foreign debt overhang,

3. Decaying national infrastructure and low national morale among other national challenges,


The Conference noted that the country’s unprecedented 16 years of sustained democratic governance under the PDP, which was characterized by unhindered personal freedom, respect for rule of law and absence of political prisoners, liberalization of the political space, Freedom of Information Act, which gave rise to good and accountable governance, as well as transparent and accountable electoral process which led to credible, free and fair elections in the country.


Conference further noted that in spite of the prevailing difficult circumstances in the country, successive PDP governments at various levels assiduously and effectively implemented progressive people oriented development policies. Highlights of these include:


1. Development of institutional framework to fight corruption and corrupt practices in the country. The ICPC and EFCC are evidences of these patriotic efforts.

2. Unprecedented revolution in the communication sector, which propelled Nigeria to the 21st century.

3. Negotiating and effecting an $18 billion foreign debt write-off.

4. Establishing the Excess Crude Account and Sovereign Wealth Fund for future generations of Nigerians thereby making the future more secure.

5. Unprecedented infrastructural development in all sectors of the economy.

6. Stabilizing the Nigerian banking sector during the period of global economic meltdown when banks in developed economies were collapsing.

7. Increased access to quality education at all levels to Nigerian youths.

8. Enhancement of the capacity of Nigerian farmers through easy access to farming inputs and direct financial support for higher productivity.

9. Formulation and implementation of strategic policies which strengthened the national health system as manifested in the increase in life expectancy, decline in maternal and infant mortality and containment of life threatening diseases such as polio, HIV and AIDS and of course the Ebola virus disease, among others.

10. Growing the Nigerian economy to the status of the largest in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world.


Against the backdrop of the foregoing, notwithstanding the reversal of role in governance at the center, and now as the main opposition Party in Nigeria, participants noted that the PDP remains the only credible national political institution, committed to national interest and the deepening of democratic tenets and ideals in Nigeria.



In order to sustain these ideals in the face of diminishing quality of democratic governance under the increasingly fascist APC regime, the conference resolved as follows:


1. That the PDP at all levels shall continue to ensure credible, robust and issue-based opposition, while promoting harmonious relationship among all people and ensuring that citizens’ confidence in democracy does not wane.


2. Conscious of the imperative of a quick PDP rebound, the Conference called for the immediate implementation of the recommendations of the PDP Post Election Review Committee Report, especially those relating to zoning, internal democracy, e-registration and the restructuring of the party at all levels with a view to giving the Party back to the rightful owners- the people.


3. Condemned in strongest terms the growing authoritarianism of the APC-led Federal Government which has been characterized by gross violation of human rights, constitutional infractions, invasion of a governor’s lodge and private homes, deliberate interference and instigation of crisis in the legislature, arm-twisting of the judiciary, undermining of democratic institutions like INEC, nepotism in appointments, abuse of power and clamp down on opposition elements.


4. Noted the sudden decline in the economy and quality of life of Nigerians, occasioned by the lack of direction of the APC government, in addition to the growing tension and rancour in the polity as direct consequences of the divisive tendencies of the present administration.


5. Denounced the prevailing selective application inthe fight against corruption targeted at opposition elements and perceived opponents of the regime,while APC members with corruption charges are being rewarded with ministerial positions and other juicy appointments as well as APC tickets in the forthcoming governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states.


6. Vehemently rejected the current manipulation of the judiciary and security forces by the APC-led Federal Government in its desperate bid to subvert the sovereign will of the people and forcefully take over states genuinely won by the PDP in the last general elections and ultimately impose a one-party state in Nigeria.


7. Charged the new INEC leadership to assert the independence of the electoral body, resist all external influences and ensure free, fair and credible electoral process in Kogi and Bayelsa states and other future elections, as the PDP will NOTACCEPT any results that do not reflect the true wishes and aspirations of the people, particularly in Kogi and Bayelsa states.


8. Resolved to further expand the inclusion and the role of youths in Party programmes and policies, and take steps to guarantee representation in Party organs, develop roadmap for a vibrant youth participation and support concession for electoral contests.


9. Unanimously commended the tenacity, commitment and dedication of the National Working Committee for rising to the challenge and holding forth at the most trying period in the history of our Party.


10. Appreciated members of the National Executive Committee (NEC), the Board of Trustees (BoT), PDP Governors Forum, PDP Caucus in the National Assembly as well as other elected and appointed officers on the platform of the Party at all levels for their loyalty, commitment and unqualified selfless support to keep the flag of the Party flying in spite of the inclement political environment imposed by the fascist APC regime.


11. Called on all organs of the Party to commence preparations for the National Convention scheduled for March 2016 and prior to that, Congresses at the Zonal, State, Local Government and Ward levels of the Party.


12. Called on the international community to note the growing impunity, abuse of power, constitution infractions, violation of human rights, selective war against corruption, clamp down on the opposition,divisiveness and overall high-handedness; tendencies that pose great threatto our democracy and unity as a nation.




Prof. Adewale Oladipo

National Secretary




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The Supreme Court has ordered the suspension of the trial of the Senate president, Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.


Mr. Saraki is facing a 13-count corruption charge at the tribunal. He denies the allegation of false asset declaration and graft.


Two High Courts and a Court of Appeal had earlier rejected his request to quash the charges.


Before doing doing so, the court of appeal halted the case briefly to allow it take a decision.


On Thursday, the Supreme Court also said the corruption case against Mr. Saraki “should tarry a while” pending the conclusion of an appeal he brought before it.


The Supreme Court assured it would consider the matter speedily.


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Suspended FIFA boss Sepp Blatter has left hospital and returned home after being admitted over a stress-related medical incident, his spokesman said on Thursday.


Spokesman Klaus Stoehlker said the scandal-tainted Blatter was picked up from the hospital by his daughter Corinne late on Wednesday and taken back to his home in Switzerland’s Valais region.


On Wednesday, the spokesman confirmed that the long-serving FIFA leader had been in the hospital for several days with a condition that was not considered serious.


Stoehlker reiterated that position on Thursday, insisting that Blatter’s “condition is really good.”


“He will be back at his private office in Zurich on Tuesday,” the spokesman said.



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Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the newly sworn-in Minister of Science and Technology, said on Wednesday in Abuja that he would strive to be the best minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet.


Onu, who spoke on Wednesday night at a reception organised in his honour by Concerned Ebonyi State Indigenes, pledged that he would work assiduously to emerge as the best minister the country ever produced.


“One assurance that I will always give you and I have said it repeatedly, is that as your son, I will never do something that you will be ashamed of.


“It is better for me to leave politics than for me to do something for my own selfish interest that will make you to be ashamed of your son.


“I will continue to act in a way that Nigerians will know that Ebonyi State is truly the Salt of the Nation.


“I want to assure you that I will make sure that I will be the best minister Nigeria ever had,” he stated.


The former governor of old Abia, stressed that no nation had ever attained greatness without science and technology.


“I want you to go home with these words: no nation from the beginning of time has ever become great without embracing science and technology.


“The U.S. is the greatest power in the world; the largest economy, the strongest military and the U.S. has the highest diplomatic potential that she has used in the maintenance of peace all over the world.


“But the U.S. was able, is able and will continue to do so, so long as it is leading in science and technology,’’ the minister noted.


Onu said that Nigeria had the potential not just to be one of the 20 leading economies, but one of the 10 leading economies.


He added: “but we cannot do it without science and technology.’’

He recalled that about 23 years ago, he started the Technology Village Project in Abia which was disrupted as a result of military intervention.


“Science and technology will take Nigeria to a height unimagined today; we will do our best to be the instruments that Nigeria will use to get to that height. And I need your prayers; I need your support.’’


Dr Paul Okorie, a former Commissioner of Works in Ebonyi, said Buhari made the right choice in appointing Onu a minister.


He urged Onu to be a key player in Buhari’s desire to ensure uninterrupted power and reform of the electoral system.


The former commissioner stressed that the reform of the electoral system was very import as the people’s votes would count, leading to the emergence of truly elected leaders.


Chief Austine Edeze, a member of APC Board of Trustees, also commended the president for appointing Onu as a minister.


Edeze, who is also the spokesman for the organisers, said that Onu was a consistent politician and gave assurance that he would deliver.


“ We thank President Muhammadu Buhari for finding our son and leader worthy to serve at this period. We assure him that Onu is a man he can trust to deliver.’’


Mr Magnus Eze, National Coordinator, Ebonyi Professionals Forum, said Onu’s love to serve Nigeria had never been swayed by “bread and butter” politics.


“ Dr Onu is an embodiment of humility, resilience, integrity, discipline and wisdom – key qualities that will help Mr President, change Nigeria for the better,’’ he said.(NAN)




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Some of the 36 new ministers assumed duties few hours after they were inaugurated on Wednesday by President Muhammadu Buhari.


The ministers were at their various ministries where they pledged to bring about ‘change’ promised by the ruling All Progressives Congress.


The new Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh, assured the ministry’s officials who received him that he would reduce the $32 billion Nigeria spends in importing food yearly.

Mr. Ogbeh, who was accompanied by the Minister of State, Heineken Lokpobiri, said following the dwindling oil revenue, there is now pressure on the agricultural sector to earn foreign exchange to replace the resource.


He stated that there was an urgent need to intensify research and marketing for food.


“Oil and gas has served Nigeria well. We did not manage the resources well. We can’t blame oil and gas. Now the pressure is on agriculture. How we are going to make it work to ensure yield and harvest is a burden all of us will carry together,” he said.


“We are going to face very serious challenges. We have to earn foreign exchange to replace oil. The demand out there is very high if we can produce the right quantity and quality.


“We have to intensify research, marketing of food. We have to deal with reducing the import burden of food of almost $32bn a year. I don’t know how somebody can explain importing bananas to the country or Irish potatoes from South Africa or vegetables from South Africa into our shores.”


Mr. Ogbeh, a former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, assured that during his tenure the problem of high rate of malnutrition in the country would be tackled.


He said that cancer, liver and kidney failure had increased by 25 per cent in the last 25 years due to food poisoning.

“What is even worse, which we will together deal with, is the nutrition problem. Cancer, liver and kidney failure have increased 25 per cent in the last 25 years. A lot of poisoning is getting into our food system simply from packaging,” he said.


In the Ministry of Transport, the new Minister, Chibuike Amaechi, who said he would fully assume duties on November 17, assured that he would complete all the rail projects began by the previous federal administration.


Mr. Amaechi, a former governor of Rivers State, urged parastatals and agencies under the ministry and the aviation sector to cooperate with him to move the sector forward.


He said he would commence work by looking at the ministry’s budget and its level of implementation.


“Rail transport is the easiest thing to achieve if you get capable hands. We are going to work towards completing abandoned rail projects,” he said.


“They will help create employment and ease mass transportation of people. Our mandate is to deliver quality service to the people in accordance with the change agenda.”


On personal principles, Mr. Amaechi added, “If you come to me to gossip about anyone, be rest assured that l will tell the person concerned that this is what you said and you will be there to defend yourself, wrong or right.


“I am not as bad as they say. A lot of names have been given to me but I believe in principles. I don’t like protocols. When I say I hate corruption, I mean it. I don’t give bribe and I don’t take either. If you want to relate with me don’t give me money and don’t ask me for money.


“Just do your job creditably. Don’t see me on the road and run away. I am not as bad as they paint me. I don’t steal and l don’t befriend thieves and don’t put me in a position that l will not be able to call a thief, thief. Let us be friends because l am here to learn.”


The Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika, said whatever promise that had been made would be fulfilled and that the era of talking tough without acting had come to an end.

He assured that the new federal administration would deliver on its promises because it was aware of the high hope and expectation of Nigerians.

On his part, the new Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige, said he would tackle unemployment effectively during his tenure.

“We will be at the forefront of the battle to stop the scourge of unemployment in the country,” Mr. Ngige, a former senator, said while addressing the workers of the ministry.

“We must, as a people, put on our thinking caps so that we can chart the way forward for employment generation.”

Mr. Ngige, a former senator, said although the new federal administration might not provide jobs for all unemployed people, it would provide the enabling environment for all the sectors to thrive.

According to him, efforts were already on to block all leakages so available resources could be committed to development.

He said, “We are the catalyst, the change agent of the change era; if we block leakages in our system, the country will be better for its resources will be made available for economic growth.”

The new Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, who was accompanied by the minister of state, Mustapha Shehuri, said he would bring together processes and activities of all the three ministries under his supervision.


“We are here to work with you in solving problems on ground as quickly as possible,” he said.


“We want to know if some of those problems are man-made or systemic. We want information on what has been done, what remains to be done, and what are the future plans. We want to continue from there.”


The former governor of Lagos State assured that he would harness the available human resource assets in the ministry and the physical assets, ‘’as all these information will assist us as we hit the ground running. We need to do more so as to regain lost time.”


Mr. Fashola said he would ensure there is improved power supply across the federation.


Mr. Shehuri, on his part, asked for a detailed ministerial briefing document to serve as a guide, adding that it would ensure proper take-off of duties.


The Minister of Environment, Aisha Mohammed, said she would achieve the mandate given to the ministry by Mr. Buhari.


“As the minister of state has reiterated, there is a time frame and within that time frame we have to deliver the dividends of this administration to our people,” she said.


“The one commitment that we can make is that as we read through this brief that you’ve got here, it is about us building on the successes that we have in this ministry and ensuring that the teams that we have are working effectively with the skills that will take it to another level.


“It certainly can’t be business as usual because the President has said it and I hope that the Ministry of Environment will give the support to the Minister of State and myself to make real difference and to be a role model for what we mean by that in the country.


“The country has environmental issues everywhere. There is no part of this country that is devoid of the challenges that we have and what we need to do is to find the resources, those that are within the country and the other two tiers of government, the resources that are outside the borders of Nigeria to make sure that we make a considerable impact with what we have.’’


The Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Jubril, appealed to the workers to cooperate with him and the minister.


The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Emmanuel Kachikwu, said the outstanding subsidy payments to oil marketers approved by Mr. Buhari would be paid immediately the government gets the approval of the National Assembly.


He assured of constant fuel supply across the country.


Mr. Kachikwu, who said he would continue in office as Group Managing Director of NNPC, added, “One thing is certain, whatever time I spend here, it is going to be spent with a lot of respect for the dignity of people. I am a very respectful person and I give as much as I expect to have.”


He said he would soon engage the executives of the various parastatals with a view to finding out if they have the capacity and ability to deliver the change mantra.


On the pending Petroleum Industry Bill, the minister said: “Government believes in the bill still. Government wants to see the PIB come through. However, government has indicated that there is a need to look at the PIB as was submitted to the sixth assembly and try and tinker with it.


“There are all kinds of issues. One of them is whether we need to yank out the fiscal terms and develop them into a different law, rely on existing laws, amend them or whether we do that as a separate component of law.”


“We will be at the forefront of the battle to stop the scourge of unemployment in the country. We must as a people put on our thinking caps so that we can chart the way forward for employment generation.”


On her part, the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adesosun, at a meeting with senior officials of her ministry, said the federal government had a clear direction towards returning the nation to the path of growth.


She however said that would depend on the management and staff of the ministry.


Okechukwu Enelamah, the minister of industry, trade and investment, who was accompanied by the minister of state, Aisha Abubakar, to the ministry, pledged to start work immediately.


Mr. Enelamah revealed his excitement over his new assignment and asked for the cooperation and support of the officials of the ministry.


‎The new minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi, also assumed duties at the ministry’s headquarters, in Abuja shortly after the inaugural meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday.


Mr. Fayemi who was received by top officials of the ministry, held a meeting with them.


In attendance at the meeting were the Minister of State for Solid Minerals, Abubakar Bwari, the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, and some directors.


Mr. Fayemi told the officials of government’s plan to re-position the ministry as a major contributor to the economic growth of the country, adding that no stone would be left unturned in the bid to achieve the set goals.



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Leader of Nigeria’s high flying music crew, MAVIN’s Don Jazzy is one individual who has contributed in no small measure to the growth of the music industry in Nigeria. Over a year ago, the likes of Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Dija were greenhorns in the industry until Don Dorobucci gave them the track to run their own races. Today, they have grown to become stars in their own right, thanks to Don Jazzy’s masterstroke.


In this interview, head of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty reveals the reason behind the forthcoming Mavin Access Concert, possibility of working with D’banj again, why he won’t release his own album anytime soon and other issues.


Why did it take you this long to put together a concert of this magnitude?


I have been planning things in my head but then, it’s now that we are going live. There is no point doing something when you don’t have content. I am a perfectionist, so, until I know that I have what it takes to do one, I won’t do it. I would have come out to say let’s organize a concert, but if you don’t have correct content there is no point doing one


Will D’banj be performing at this concert?


Right now I cannot categorically tell you whether he will call me to say: “Oh you are organizing a concert too? I will come o.”But right now, he is not billed to perform at the concert


Do you have plans to have international artistes at the concert?




Will other artistes be performing aside from the Mavins?


It’s a Mavin concert .Obviously you will see other artistes perform. I have done collaborations with a lot of people. I have done collaborations with P-square, Timaya, Olamide and many more. It’s a Mavin’s and friends concert but more emphasis will be placed on the Mavins.


You are known to be generous; don’t you think you need to work with a foundation to make it official?


I don’t trust some of these foundations. I think it’s just people looking for an opportunity to collect money. I don’t think I need to set up a foundation before I help people. I help people regardless of that. A lot of people have been telling me to set up a foundation. I might do that at a point to satisfy people. For now, it’s not a priority.


What does it take to work with you?


It is important you have the talent and the next thing is for you to locate me. Social media is the best place to find me. Follow me and I will follow you back. I won’t listen to the person’s song if I think that the person looks like a trouble maker. Some people might tell you they sent you a song and you now made it your own. Another issue is creating time for it.


 Your label mates have been recording songs back to back, what is responsible for that?


We always record, we never stop recording.


When are we getting an album from Reekado Banks, Dija and Korede Bello?


If you ask them now, they will tell you they don’t want to. People drop albums and decline, it’s not good.


What is the secret of your success?


There is no secret, I just work hard


When are you going to release your own album?


I am not going to release an album. Right now, I know that I won’t be releasing an album.  I might consider it, may be if am given money but right now, I don’t see myself doing that.


Do you charge for collabos?


I have never charged for collabos. I am honored to actually be asked to do a collabo with an artiste. I think I have actually done collaborations with almost everyone that had asked for it


Does Don Jazzy have a girlfriend?


I don’t have a girlfriend.


When last were you in a relationship?


A year ago. I am on break now when it comes to a relationship.


 When do you think the time will be right to tie the knots?


I might not even announce that I will be getting married. I don’t understand why you people think I will just come and announce that I will be getting married. I am not really that kind of person.


Why do you avoid the media?


It’s because I don’t know how to talk to you people.


Would you be collaborating with Dbanj any time soon ?


It is possible. We will do it when we both settle down and agree we want to do it. He is busy doing his own thing and I am also busy with my Korede , Reekado and Dija .We live in the same vicinity. By the time we sit down and plan it, we would create something. We would probably work again. As long as there is life, there is nothing impossible.


You interact with a lot of people on social media, how do you sieve the people you interact with?


Why should I sieve them? If they come correct, we will talk. If they don’t come correct, I move on. I have met a lot of people via the social media.


Would you be signing a rapper anytime soon?


Yes, I have signed a couple of them, but you are yet to meet them.


Would you be releasing your own single anytime soon?


I am not thinking of that now. I have people that need to succeed. I am happy developing people for now till death do me part. Already, I feel that I am singing too much.


Would you be signing more artistes?


Well, it depends on the ones that I see, but I need to push my present artistes to a certain level before signing new ones. I think they are really growing very fast. If I feel that they have gotten to certain level where they can be on their own, then I can sign on new artistes.


What happened to the signature Don Jazzy stick?


It’s at home. Change is constant. I hardly use it because one has to rebrand. You can’t be doing the same thing over and over again. You will see it at the concert.



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… Calls For Actions To Wipe It From Nigeria


DELTA State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, has expressed joy with the reduction of HIV/AIDS in the country and called for strident efforts to have zero prevalence rate in the country.


 Joyful Governor Okowa who played host to the Director-General of National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA), Prof. John Idoko who paid him a courtesy call at the Government House, Asaba, assured Deltans that  his administration would support any effort to ensure that HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases become non-existent or reduced to the barest minimum.


According to Governor Okowa, "it is heart warming to hear that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS has declined in Nigeria, especially in Delta State, it is very encouraging because, we want a healthy people and we will support any organization to ensure that our people gets quality healthcare, we will support NACA; it is in our interest and the interest of every Nigerian to do so to get HIV/AIDS to zero point."


"I promise to present a bill to the Delta State House of Assembly within the next two weeks to transform SACA (State Action Committee on Aids) to an agency and it is our hope and belief that the House will give it speedy passage before the end of the year," disclosing, "we have good relationship with the Delta State House of Assembly."


He assured NACA of his administration's commitment to access all counterpart funds, noting that counterpart funds were beneficial to the state as they make drugs available for the people.


The Governor used the occasion to state that the state health insurance bill which would ensure that all Deltans have access to affordable healthcare has reached third reading after a public hearing in the House of Assembly, expressing hope that the bill will see the light of day for Deltans to have its benefits.


"We believe the best thing to do is to go in to health insurance, we initiated the Contributory Health Insurance bill and all processes are being put in place to enable it commence, we believe it will be passed by the Delta State House of Assembly before the end of the year and the agency established in January, 2016 as our people stands to benefit immensely from it," he said.


Earlier, Prof. Idoko who was accompanied by top officials of NACA had informed Governor Okowa that the HIV/AIDS prevalence was less than 6 per cent in the country and less than 1 per cent in Delta State, asserting that there was the need for the Delta State government to endeavour to access its counterpart fund because "there is a decline in the funding from donors.