Biafra Issue Had Died Since 1968, Maharaji ji Tells Pro-Biafra Agitators

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Biafra Issue Had Died Since 1968, Maharaji ji Tells Pro-Biafra Agitators


Ibadan – Satguru Maharaji ji, the founder of the One Love Family Sect, on Friday urged pro-Biafra agitators to refrain from acts that could threaten the nation’s unity.


Maharaji ji made the plea in Ibadan at a press conference marking his 68th birthday anniversary.


He said that Nigerians must learn from the current insurgency in the North East Zone which had resulted in loss of lives and property.


The sect leader said the current security challenges facing the country required the support of all Nigerians irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliations.


Maharaji ji, who said that the Biafra issue had died since 1968, urged all Nigerians to pray for the country and its leaders.


“ The issue of bad roads and infrastructural decay in the country were responsible for this agitation and it needs urgent attention to avoid another Boko Haram insurgency in the country.


.“ Igbo traditional rulers should be invited in finding a solution to this issue of Biafra.


“ The country is right now fully in control of its security situation and the issue of Biafra should urgently be attended to before it escalates to what we do not expect,” Mahaji ji said.


He also rejected the Social Media Bill, saying the new media platforms offer ordinary citizens avenues to question their leaders.


Maharaj ji expressed support for the anti-corruption campaign of President Muhammed Buhari’s administration.


He, however, called for accelerated hearings in corruption cases to serve as a deterrent.



Stone Us If Buhari Fails To Deliver On Electoral Promises – Prince Momoh

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Stone Us If Buhari Fails To Deliver On Electoral Promises – Prince Momoh


Prince Tony Momoh, is the former Minister of Information during President Ibrahim Babangida’s administration. In this media interview, the APC stalwart speaks on President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, recovered looted funds and sundry issues. PATRICK OCHOGA was there for LEADERSHIP Weekend.


How would you assess President Buhari’s administration, particularly on the economy?


You have heard the President said he is the one that Nigerians voted for and he is responsible to them not to me or you. He is not owned by anybody. He was there between 1983 and 1985, he has experienced it, he is the only one who came since independence to be President of Nigeria and succeeded. No other one, Tafawa Balewa wanted to be a broadcaster, he became Prime Minister, Alhaji Shehu Shagari wanted to become a Senator, he became President; Olusegun Obasanjo was in prison praying to be released, at the end of the day he became president, Late Yar ‘Adua wanted to retire to lecture in Ahmadu Bello University, he became President; Jonathan was taken from Bayelsa to Abuja and made Vice President and them later became Acting President and President. Buhari went into politics and wanted to be President in 2003, he failed, 2007 he failed and 2015 he succeeded. Do you think that this type of person will be rushed into doing things he don’t believe will make Nigerians grow? I can assure you No. There are three steps in Buhari’s scheme,


S+S=P that is the equation. S is for security, he will secure Nigeria, the other S is for stability, he will stabilise Nigeria through infrastructural development and the outcome of security and stability is Prosperity and Nigeria will prosper. At the end of the day, if Buhari doesn’t perform, stone us because he is going to perform.


When people begin to appoint ministers for him, programme economic measures for him, begin to tell him what will happen in education and other ministries, you give the impression that he came to be President without preparing. I can assure you he is prepared to hold office by coming out with a book called project Nigeria and that book he has always had


since 2002 when he entered politics and he is going to implement this program.


He has a contract with every Nigerian, all the ethnic groups and I have said it, the South-East will be more in his party than any other group. Why? Because he is going to develop their area more than PDP ever did. Buhari knows where he wants Nigeria to be. We are talking of four years and it has not gotten to one year yet and people are saying he is very slow. One thing people don’t know is that those who are corrupt, those who did money laundering, those who diverted all sort of things, they know where the heat is. This BVN I don’t know how it works but it is revealing a lot of things, if you have one bank account, the thing will reveal all the commitments you have. I don’t know how it works but the government seems to be finding out where people have hidden money more than any other time in our history. I am not in that group, I am not carry out any investigation but a lot of things are coming out and a lot of things have been done.


He believes that anybody who took Nigeria’s money must return it, and should be punished for taking the money and denying the people of facilities they would have had if the way the money was used for them. Look at what is happening with arms, people went and collected billions of dollars and sat down to share the money and people where dying in the North-East, those who had no arms with them ran into Cameroon, they put them under court marshal and sentenced them to death and they didn’t give them arms. When they are dealing with such people, Nigerians are saying it is because they are in government. Those in government are the ones stealing the money, those in APC had no access so will you say because there was no APC among the PDP that had the opportunity to serve Nigeria that pocketed the money should not be dealt with. Buhari has said he is not against anybody but everybody must bear the consequences of their actions and when things are happening as media men find out why it is affecting your friend or colleague.


We read in the paper that the federal government have received some stolen funds from looters. Don’t you think giving credibility to the anti-graft war Nigerians deserve to know those behind the funds?


Government doesn’t talk, it is the media that talks, and you are given the responsibility to monitor governance on behalf of the people. Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria and through the constitution, the government generates its power and authority. The motto of government is keep our secret, secret and the motto of the journalist is publishe and be dammed but to publish the truth. If government has been talking about people who have returned looted money, find out because you have protection. It is not the duty of the government to start publishing anything, what if what they publish other is wrong? They can be sued. The point I am making is that yes, the people have the right to know and the people have the right to be told who does the telling.


The current government in Edo will be rounding off next year and there will be primaries in both parties soon, what advise do you have for your party in the state to ensure rancour free primaries?


There will be rancour free primaries in Edo State, APC doesn’t impose candidates and nobody is going to impose any candidate. Anybody who wants to be governor in Edo State should go to the delegates who will vote. Voting will be free and fair and nobody will be forced to vote. I have heard that the governor wants to impose candidate, but he is not going to impose any candidate and nobody has the right to impose any candidate. He will ensure a level play field and the party will also ensure it.


It is not the governor who will conduct the primaries, some people so preoccupied to rundown Oshiomhole. He will not impose a candidate and if he does, we have the right to vote our choice candidate because voting will be free, fair and secret so why will anybody think the governor will look at his shoulder while voting. He is only exercising his right as a person not as a governor to force you to do what you don’t want to do.


You said Nigeria has a special anointing to be united, reconcile this statement with the agitation in the South-East that they want to go.


What of North-East, you know, where God has a programme, Satan is always at work, darkness is always at work but the work of darkness is always temporary and God’s anointing is permanent, you can delay it but you can’t subvert it. When America said Nigeria will collapse, I said Nigeria will not collapse but they are correct in their prediction but in God’s anointing Nigeria is the only county packaged in the first half of the last century that has not collapsed. All other federation worldwide has collapsed, USSR, Slovakia but Nigeria has not collapsed because Nigeria is packaged to help grow the earth and the young ones will be the ones to do it. Nigerians are knocking on the door of paradise only them are in the forefront of going so.


What is your take on the agitation for the sovereign state of Biafra?


They have the right to protest as any other group has the right to protest because that is their own reaction to what they considered as injustice. But the fact is that protest has a limitation, there is what they call free speech plus, if in exercising your freedom to speech you punch my nose, that’s where your freedom ends and if people say they are expressing themselves and start destroying people’s cars, there is a body set up to ensure people are free. So in doing that, ensure you do it in accordance with the law. I myself will rise to my feet to sympathise with them, that is freedom of expression they are exercising but when it reaches plus destruction, then it will not be allowed.


What is the hope of the APC Edo in the winning the 2016 election?


We will work hard and win the election and if we don’t, it means we didn’t work hard but no rigging. Nobody is going to rig election any more, look at Kogi and Bayelsa, the President has said there must be fairness and INEC should do the right thing.




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The Federal government is set to reduce the pump price of petrol to about 85 or 86 naira per litre.


Minister of State for Petroleum , Dr Ibe Kachikwu who disclosed this during a tour of the Port Harcourt refinery on Christmas Day expressed hope that the new price regime may come on stream January next year.


He said efforts were on to get the refinery to achieve 60 percent production capacity and to supply about 11 million liters of petrol daily.


“If you look at the new PPPRA template that we developed and which I just signed off two days ago, when it is announced you will find out that for now ,and I use the emphatic word of the President for now, the price of the refined product will actually be lower than 87 naira, It will be 85. We will probably announce that in January if the prices hold.


“like I said, we have done a modulation calculation and it is showing us below N87. I imagine that if PPPRA publishes it today, it will become effective immediately. But the 1st of January that is when we are looking at.”


“What that does for you is that its modulating. If it goes up you move up, if it comes down you come down. So we take away the fact of having to go find funds to pay for these subsidies that we cannot afford.


“More importantly we try to be as close to the pump price that we have now as possible,” he said.


Kachikwu  who is also the Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC said government had resolved to scrap oil subsidy because of alleged fraud around it.


“So for the first time people will understand that the pricing modulation I was talking about is not a gimmick. It is for real. The objective is that we cannot afford to continue to subsidize .We can’t even understand where those subsidies were going to. There is a lot of fraud elements in it so we need to cut that of.


The second is the earning capacity of the Federal Government is deteriorating by the day with lower prices of crude “, he said.


He also said there was improvement in security of pipelines with the engagement of private  contractors by the federal government.



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Hon Jude Sinebe,  Commissioner  for Higher Education  has called on Chief Great Ogboru, Labour  Party (LP) Governorship  Candidate  and Olorogun  O’tega Emerhor of the All Progressives Congress ( APC ) to work with the Executive  Governor of Delta State,  Gov Ifeanyi Okowa  in moving the state forward. 


Jude Sinebe  disclosed  that the governor  is ever willing to accept  them for the purpose  of making Delta State  great.


Hon Jude Sinebe  made this known while addressing  newsmen  at Asaba  shortly  after the confirmation  of Gov Ifeanyi Okowa  victory  by the Court of Appeal. 


"The victory  of Gov Ifeanyi Okowa  is a victory  for us all, a Christmas  gift to Deltans, an undisputable  victory that confirmed  God hand work  in Delta State. 


Election  has come and gone, everybody can not be a governor  at the same time, I am calling on the my brothers,  Olorogun O’tega Emerhor  of the APC  and Cheif Great  Ogboru  of the Labour Party  to work with Gov Ifeanyi , the state belongs to us all, not to Okowa, Ogboru or O'tega  but to Deltans and that's why we all have to work together  in achieving the goals  of making Delta State  a prosperous  state, he said while Congratulating Gov Ifeanyi Okowa over his victory  at the Court of Appeal."


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Hearthy Congratulations As Gov Okowa's Daughter, Mildred Okowa Igumbor clock plus one today. 


Today we join the world to celebrate  the first daughter of the first family  of Delta State.


She is a medical  Doctor. 


She is an angle.


She is an hardworking woman.


She is a God fearing  Woman.


She is a woman of inestimable  value.


She is Married  to Prof Igumbor.


She is Dr Mildred  Okowa Igumbor 

As you celebrate  your birthday with appreciations to God Almighty,

We wish you long life, more years of success and blessings on your new age.


Wishing you all the best in the year to come.

May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors.

And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.


Congratulations  to you Dr Mildred Okowa Igumbor


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Over 20 people are feared dead after a Gas Depot owned by Chicason Group and located along traffic light at Nnewi-Okigwe road behind Innoson Motor Manufacturing industry in Nnewi, Anambra state exploded this afternoon. 



The fire destroyed the Depot and its surroundings including some buildings and cars around it. Workers, customers and motorcyclists are among those feared dead. The cause of the fire which started this afternoon is yet to be ascertained. See horrific photos from the incident after the cut… *viewer discretion advised*

Ekiti Debt: Fayose Will Go To Jail After Tenure, Says APC

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Ekiti Debt: Fayose Will Go To Jail After Tenure, Says APC


The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has told the state Governor, Ayodele Fayose, that it would have his days in the courts over fabricated figures on the state’s debts to deceive the people and paint former Governor, Kayode Fayemi, in bad light.


Reacting to the claims by Fayose’s media aide, Lere Olayinka, that Fayemi plunged the state into debts without any commensurate development projects to show for it, the party’s Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said in a statement that it was only the blind that would not see various development projects executed by the former governor.


“Fayemi did not borrow to pay salary. He received awards from many international bodies, including the United Nations’ agency and top Nigerians, for the feats he recorded in development projects, the last being the award for the state that led in budget transparency among other states in Nigeria that Fayose tried to usurp.


“Fayose lied that Fayemi at a point, collected N9 billion as monthly federal allocation. The records are there that the state  monthly share of federal allocation remained N2.8 billion throughout and the biggest being N3.2 billion when excess crude oil fund was shared among the states.


“The former governor owed one month salary, and that was September 2014, and this was as a result of Fayose as governor-elect writing the banks not to honour Fayemi’s credit facility to pay workers salary and pay the banks back after receiving the allocation for the month in question,” Olatunbosun explained.


He added: “Fayemi paid N2.2 billion monthly for salaries, pensions and subventions to higher institutions throughout his tenure.


“With thousands of workers losing their jobs and many social services suspended, including stoppage of social security stipends to the elderly when Fayose became the governor, monthly wage bill has reduced to less than N2billion contrary to N2.6billion that Fayose is claiming as the monthly wage bill.”


He challenged the governor to produce the official debt figure of the State that is different from N18billion that the Debts Management Office declared was the state’s debt, saying Fayose was lying by quoting N232billion.


“Fayose is a pathological liar by his claim that the state debt is 232.9billion to be paid back in 21 years. The Federal Ministry of Finance published the state allocations in the newspapers few days ago with the state receiving N1.9billion but Fayose declared that he received N1.3billion.


“This is a man who has introduced all manner of taxes that he can’t account for, yet he comes everyday declaring that the state is broke.


“We hereby issue him a deadline of seven days  to render accounts of all monies he has received since he assumed office, including various taxes he imposed on the people.


“The civil servants who he owed three months salaries and allowances as well as Ekiti people generally deserve to know how their money is being spent.”


Failure to do this will compel APC to mobilise civil society groups and all men of good conscience to press for the investigation and  prosecution of Fayose who has made lying his official government policy,” Olatunbosun concluded.


This Day.

We Will Persuade Boko Haram To Abandon Their Fight, Says Buhari

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We Will Persuade Boko Haram To Abandon Their Fight, Says Buhari


PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari says his administration would utilise necessary government institutions to persuade Boko Haram insurgents to abandon their struggle for the sake of peace in the country.


Speaking while receiving Christian leaders in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) led by the Minister, Mohammed Bello and other Muslim residents, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Friday, he said: "Government will persuade Boko Haram, if they can be persuaded, using government institutions to allow peace to reign in the country."


The president also called on leaders at all level to unite to bring Nigeria out of its present challenges.


He said that he was happy that the All Progressives Congress (APC) correctly analysed the problems of the country during electioneering including security, unemployment, bribery and corruption.


"Our analysis of the situation has not been opposed or challenged by Nigerians," he said.


Commenting on the situation of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), he noted that they were trying to re-establish their lives having been forced out of their abodes in the north east.


He observed that there had been no farming in parts of the areas ravaged by insurgents activities and consequently, there had been scarcity of food.


Buhari therefore stressed the need to help the displaced persons many of whom he observed had been orphaned.


He added: "People have not farmed in parts of the north east. So, there has been scarcity of food. Many victims are orphaned and so, leaders should take responsibility of rebuilding infrastructure.


"The fundamental thing is that they must no be denied education."


The president thanked the G-7 developed countries for coming to the aid of Nigeria as it tackled insurgency in the north east.


According to him, the countries have been doing their best to help Nigeria, visiting the north east to see how they could help as well as helping to equip the military.


He remarked other countries believe that Nigeria is lucky with human and material resources, noting: "Our problem has been how to organise ourselves, get the right leadership."



Those Using Church To Make Billions Are Criminals – Bishop Kukah Warns Clerics At Christmas

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Those Using Church To Make Billions Are Criminals – Bishop Kukah Warns Clerics At Christmas


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Matthew Kukah has described as unfortunate the investment of billions of naira into the running of today’s churches in Nigeria.


In a Christmas message issued on Thursday, Kukah said the church should no be converted to a profit making venture.


“The word of God and its living blessings are free,” he asserted, adding that “Isaiah said that much when he said: Come all of you who are thirsty, come to the water and you who have no money, come and eat. Buy wine and milk without money and without cost (Is 55:1).


“St Paul reminded us: What is my profit? It is this: that in preaching the word I might offer it free of charge (1 Cor. 9:18). This is what led Jesus to express His only visible show of anger and violence when he whipped the moneychangers and accused them of; turning His Father’s house into a den of thieves (Matt. 21:13).”


“It was one of the reasons for Fr Martin Luther’s revolt. But, so much has changed now. Prayer for our people is the duty of all ordained ministers, but today, it has become subject to abuse.


“The embarrassing billions being committed to spiritual matters is an act of outright criminality and nothing to do with the Christian faith. This is one of the damning betrayals of Jesus Christ.”


“He was born into the most absolute expression of poverty, in a dirty and smelling stable with animals. In real life, the Lord of Heaven and earth had no place to lay His head (Mt 8: 20, Lk. 9:58).


“He ate His last supper in a borrowed home (Lk 22; 7ff). He rode to Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey (Mt. 21:3, Lk. 19:31, Mk. 11:3). In death, He was buried in a borrowed tomb (Mt. 27:57).


“Had riches been the essence of the mission of Jesus, He would have handed His ministry to bankers and economists such as Matthew or even Judas,” he said.


“Had healing been of the greatest importance, perhaps, Luke would have been the head of the Apostles. Rather, he chose Peter who doubted and was rather fickle minded.


“When He asked them to take the Gospel to all the ends of the earth, He stripped them of all forms of insurance. He warned them against relying on prosperity by enjoining them to carry no money, no belt, no sandals (Lk. 10:4).


“Money is very good but it must not become an idol for us. Thus, Jesus warned that we cannot worship God and mammon (Mt. 6:2).”


“The excesses of Boko Haram still haunt the landscape. The Chibok girls are still not found and we will still spend another Christmas without any hope that their laughter will soon return to our homes.


“The engine of political change has still not gathered the steam we had hoped for. The political calendar continues to shift as we witness a domino effect of overturned elections across the states.


“All in all, new anxieties, new battles for power among the elites will likely lead us to loss of more innocent lives and blood. The contest for power continues to take its toll and yet we continue to pray for the stability of the ship of state. We call on our leaders to use the power in their hands for service.”


“How for example is a government responsible for men whose irresponsible lifestyles lead to their children being sick or out of school?


“How is government responsible for men who decide to marry and bring children into the world when they have no means of bringing them up?


“How is government responsible for domestic violence? How is government responsible for the collapse of family values? How is government responsible for students who decide to cheat in their examinations?


“How is government responsible for men who choose armed robbery rather than hard work? How is government responsible for women who decide to choose a life of prostitution?


“Government can and must create conditions, but we must all become instruments of change. If we take our responsibilities seriously, we can compel government to serve us better.”


Daily Post.


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CHRISTMAS TRAGEDY:    Anioma petrol station  along Okpanam road  Asaba Station Explode Fire, Causalities Unknown!


An office owner, Karifest Duchess Onyekaah  posted on her facebook wall


Her Office and Studio were engulfed in the inferno. 

According to her "Happening Now 25th Dec 2015.

A day I would never ever forget!!!

What can I say?

God I thank you.


My phone never stopped ringing but each time I picked, the question was: KARIFEST WHERE ARE YOU and finally when I picked up that of my Christian Sister who had the courage to say "MY SISTER WHERE ARE YOU?


PLEASE COME DOWN ANIOMA PETROL STATION IS ON FIRE AND YOUR OFFICE IS BURNING."….., then I understood the reason for the calls that never stopped  coming!!!

Earlier those calling were asking about my whereabout without breaking the news!

Calls were coming in from different parts of the world and I was like, these calls are getting out of hand until the call that came from my Christian sister which broke the ICE!

And after searching for my car key which took eternity to locate though it was right there in my bag which I searched a thousand times over, finally I saw it and into my car I jumped straight and zoomed off and lo and behold the office had been RAZED DOWN BY FIRE!

Everything I ever SLAVED for since I started my biz all gone in a twinkling of an eye!!!!






MY INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT too, Too many things to mention..

Those who have visited my office and studio before today will UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!!!

Should I cry?

Certainly Not!!!





Meanwhile  as at the time of  this report, the C.E.O of Anioma  petrol station, Hon Sylvester Ukwandi  is yet to speak.


We pray May God Almighty  strengthen Hon Sylvester Ukwandi  and other affected  persons.