5 Unhealthy Meats You Should Avoid

By Nwokolo Collins |

It is often said that you are what you eat, so a healthy person should expect to eat healthy food. Our nutrition should be based on our health needs or even health challenges. For example, diabetic patients are advised to consume foods with low glycemic index . You should not just eat whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like. This goes especially for one of the most consumed food, meat. I love meat, and am very sure you do too. It is delicious and we always look forward to eating it except you are a vegetarian or vegan. But as tantalizing as meat can be, there are some types of it that are unhealthy for us. In this article, we’ll look at 5 unhealthy meats that you should avoid eating. Most of these meats are processed meats and they contain harmful substances.

1. Hot dogs

Hot dogs are highly processed meat, and are very unhealthy. Hot dogs are made with chicken, pork and steak trimmings that are added with additives like salt and corn syrup, which make them bad.

A single hot dog contains 410mg of sodium, because it contains high amount of salt used for preservation. Consuming such meat can increase the risk if getting hypertension and heart diseases.

2. Organ meat: Liver

Liver, in this context is an organ meat, found in animals. There are many other organ meats, we consume, but the liver is widely consumed and very unhealthy.

Remember that the liver is an excretory organ that rids the body of toxins. So, when you consume liver meat, you are ingesting the toxins as well. This can be harmful the body, and people with cholesterol problems should avoid liver or other organ meat.

3. Bacon

Bacon contains a lot of calories, 60 percent of which are unhealthy fat. This explains why 30g of bacon contains 30 milligrams of cholesterol. Bacon is bad for people with heart diseases and stroke. It also contains a very high amount of sodium.

4. Corned beef

Corned beef is a widely consumed processed meat and is often used as an ingredient in salad. However, corned beef is unhealthy, not just because of the way it is processed but the way it was made.

Corned beef contains a lot of calories, saturated fat and sodium. When bacon is fried, it forms a substance called nitrosamine. Studies show that nitrosamines may increase the risk of stomach and bowel cancer.

5. Fried catfish

Fried catfish is often processed by deep frying under high temperatures. Most foods that are preserved or prepared under high temperatures are said to produce carcinogens that lead to cancer.

Catfish also contain harmful toxins like mercury and lead, because live near the bottom of the water.


A healthy person will eat healthy food and avoid or reduce the intake of unhealthy ones. They’re a lot very healthy meats you can eat. So don’t feel like you are limited, learn to make healthy choices, so you can be healthy.
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Sagay blasts Senate: You would be naked if not for Nigerians

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption, PACAC, Professor Itse Sagay, has reacted to a
statement against him by the Senate.
He mocked the federal lawmakers, saying Nigerians buy clothes they wear.
Sagay further advised them to learn how to take criticisms in good faith.
Sagay insisted that he would not stop criticizing members of the National Assembly for their expenditure, which he said was adversely affecting the economy.
His words: “I criticize them for the huge amount of money they are taking out of the country.
“They are creating a situation in which Nigeria does not have enough funds; we have kidnapping, there is Boko Haram, we have militants, armed robbery and so on.
“That is basically what I said. I spoke the truth. They have wardrobe allowance, in other words, we are the ones buying clothes for them to wear.
“When they arrived Abuja, were they naked? What is their problem?”
The legal luminary had lamented that National Assembly allocated N125 billion to themselves alone this year and that while the United States President earns $400,000 per annum, a Nigerian senator earns over $1.7 million.
Sagay said besides a basic salary of N2.4 million per month, they earn allowances such as hardship (50 percent of basic salary), newspaper allowance (50 percent), wardrobe allowance (25 percent), entertainment (30 percent), recess (10 percent), and leave (10 percent), among others.
The total allowances, he said, amounts to N29.5 million per month and N3.2 billion per annum.
“Perhaps the most notorious example of the legislators’ resistance to the war against corruption is the rejection of the right of the executive to choose the persons who will spearhead that struggle,” he added.
“The clear impression is created that Nigerian legislators are in office for themselves and not for the populace.”
“Not surprisingly, the National Assembly has not passed a single bill for the promotion of anti-corruption war since it commenced business in July 2015.”
On Thursday, Senate lambasted the Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
Its spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullah, said“Sagay could not even check the records before proclaiming that ‘the National Assembly has not passed a single bill for the promotion of anti-corruption war since it commenced business in July 2015’.
“This man talks like a man who is constantly under the influence of some substance and perhaps possessed as he employs the language of a tout with no civility. He is probably constantly excited and incensed by the fact of having his first opportunity to find himself in the corridors of power.
“He pontificates and talks as if the war against corruption of the Buhari administration depends solely on him to survive. He once publicly attacked the Attorney General of the Federation and accused him of not doing enough to prosecute the war.
“This is a man who cannot stand for councillorship election and win. We challenge him to state what his contributions are in the election of our amiable President, Muhammadu Buhari, and what new ideas he has contributed to making the fight against corruption more effective since his appointment.
“With an easily excited man like him as head of an advisory body, the nation has continued to lose anti-corruption cases in courts due to the failure of his advice. He needs to do more work and talk less because media prosecution cannot win the war on corruption.”

6 Hacks For Planning A Hitch-free Group Adventure

Planning a trip or adventure can be stressful. At the same time, adding a few extra people makes group travel planning all the more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Jumia Travel shares hacks for planning a hitch-free or stress-free group travel.

Appoint a group travel leader

Appointing a group travel leader should be your first task in planning a group travel. Whoever is selected is the first point of contact and the person who ensures that the group trip is well thought out and planned.


You can not do everything on your own. As the leader, you must assign tasks to other group members, to speed up the group travel planning process. When distributing responsibilities, you must set deadlines to ensure that the tasks are finished in a very timely manner.

Organise your plans

The group leader must make sure all of the travel plans are organised and things put in order. The chosen destination must be contacted, accommodation booked and the decision on whether you will cook or eat at a restaurant taken.

Create a WhatsApp group

You can create a WhatsApp group for your travelling team. Also, make sure you explain to everyone the reason you have added them to the group so that no one will exit. With this, they can receive latest updates about the group travel.

Research group bus fare

Group travel is not something that’s offered by every transport company, yet a number of them offer special deals and incentives for booking group travel. So, take advantage of this to cut cost.

BREAKING: Gunmen open fire on Catholic priest in Lagos

Unknown gunmen, on Friday, opened fire on Daniel Nwankwo, a parish priest of St Thomas Catholic Church, Onireke in Lagos.

Some parishioners told DAILY POST that the assailants struck between 8.45 – 9am.

They disclosed that the victim had just attended to a church member during confession before he was attacked.

The gunmen were said to be three in number and had demanded for an undisclosed amount from the priest before he was shot.