5 Interesting Flight Secrets Revealed

There are many aspects of flying and some ‘quirks’ and little secrets of flying that you might have never thought of. Jumia Travel shares 5 interesting flight secrets revealed.

No Sharing

Pilots are typically not allowed to share foods with each other to avoid potential contamination being shared between both pilots. This is because it will be very bad if both pilots got sick or suffer food poisoning from the shared food at the same time. Airlines don’t like to risk both pilots being incapacitated at the same time, so they typical don’t allow pilots share their foods in the plane.

Mobile Electronic Devices Don’t Exactly Interfere With the Plane

You’re usually asked to switch off your mobile electronic devices while in the plane because it interfere with the pilot’s ability to get the information he needs, if too many devices are running at the same time. The interference of hundreds of mobile electronic devices can cause pilots to miss a signal or communication from air traffic control. This phenomenon is similar to when you’re having problems connecting your mobile device at a stadium because too many devices are running in the same place at the same time, or when you find that your internet connection is faster at night and slower in the day when more people are connected to it.

Peeling Paint

If the paint of an airplane is peeling, it’s safety at that point is questionable. This is because one cause of peeling paint or paint chips on the body of airplanes is leaking hydraulic fluid, which is extremely caustic and strips paints.

Dimming The Lights

The interior lights of an airplane are dimmed before landing, even in the middle of the day, to let the passengers eyes adjust to the light outside, so in case passengers have to immediately evacuate the plane, their eyes can easily adjust to suddenly being outside. Dimming the interior lights therefore makes it easier for passengers to see their surroundings and escape safely, if there is a need to.

Pilots Are Actually Quite Powerful

The airplane captain has similar power to a ship captain. The commanding pilot can order any trouble-making passenger to be handcuffed and handed to the police after landing, to be formally arrested. The commanding pilot can also write fines and even take the will of a dying passenger.

Patience Jonathan Dares EFCC, Recovers Seized N2billion Hotel

Mrs. Patience, the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan, has reportedly ‘recovered’ her N2bn hotel which was earlier shutdown by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in June.

The anti-graft agency had in June placed the red inscriptions, ‘EFCC Under Investigation’ all over the hotel which is located near Setraco Construction Company, off the Mabushi Kado Expressway.

Findings by Punch showed that the EFCC inscriptions had been erased and patched with grey paint.

One of the workers in the hotel was quoted as saying that, “Go and ask the EFCC if they had the right to put their sign all over the building in the first place. If you want more information, go and ask madam.”

A source at the EFCC said it was wrong of Patience to have erased the EFCC inscription from the building.

He said, “Sometimes when we are investigating some politically exposed persons, they immediately begin to sell off their buildings in order to cover their tracks and run away with the cash so that is why we put EFCC signs on the buildings so that innocent people will not buy those buildings.

“As it is, she has removed the inscriptions and can quickly sell it off.”

In his reaction, Mrs. Jonathan’s lawyer, Ifedayo Adedipe (SAN), said he was not aware of the seizure of the property.

Adedipe said if the hotel in question was indeed seized through a court order, then the removal of the EFCC inscriptions would be of no effect.

Adedipe said, “I am not aware of the seizure of property. If the EFCC seal was removed from the property, let them go and put another one. In any case, we have sued the EFCC for abuse of her human rights and human dignity. The matter is pending before the Federal High Court in Abuja and everything has been included in that suit.

“We are challenging all the seizures because without prejudice to our case, Mrs. Jonathan was neither a public officer nor a contractor. So, the idea of harassing her beats my imagination.

“I don’t see the basis for the EFCC’s harassment of that woman and the case wears a political toga because she was a formidable element during the campaign.”

Meanwhile, spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, said he did not know much about the seizure of the building and thus could not say if it had been returned to Patience or not.

He said, “I have spoken to the appropriate people but I was not able to get any answer on the matter.”

Asari Dokubo: We will resist Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest

Ex-Niger Delta warlord, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has revealed how the move by the Nigerian Government to rearrest leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, will be resisted.
Asari, the leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force, NDPSF, spoke in a video where he also expressed doubt that it was President Muhammadu Buhari that returned from London.
Addressing “fellow Biafrans”, Asari said the same stone the biblical David used to crush Goliath is still available for Biafra.
“Biafrans, today we are going to look at a very dark cloud trying to envelop us. And that cloud is the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu.
“After the return of the thing they said is Muhammadu Buhari, which I doubt very much, the cabal around that thing they brought home from London needed to feed that thing with blood. The blood of Biafrans, you and I.
“How can our blood flow? The only way our blood can flow unstoppably is the rearrest or the attempt to rearrest Nnamdi Kanu.
“They don’t give a damn, killing us is fun. Its a game; a religion to them but killing their own people pinches them a little. Because the people who issued death sentence on us that after October 1 if any of us are found on their land will be killed. They used different medium: they TV, radio, internet to circulate that after Oct. 1 any one of us seen in their land should be killed. And the DSS said those who issued death sentence on us were quoted out of context.
“Minister of Internal affairs said attempting to arrest them will cause crisis. But Nnamdi Kanu is arguably the greatest crowd puller of this part of the world, nobody can rival him not even Buhari that when they brought him back from London had to go and beg people, paid them N2000 to come out and show their support.
“The world has suddenly lost it vision to see. The world has suddenly lost its ear to hear how Biafrans have been killed.
“May be Nnamdi Kanu’s time is the fullness of time, God almighty has given so much grace to this Egyptians and they have refused to heed. They have hardened their minds and this Pharaoh, moreso, this thing they brought from London, who wants blood to keep him alive said he’ll kill all our people.
“May be its really the fullness of time, and the stone with which David killed Goliath God will make it available for us to fight our battle.”

True Charity Seeks No Recognition – By Adeyoose Olusola

The natural inclination of man is to seek validation and approval. His need for public endorsement is better explained in the context of the animal kingdom – where gaining respect and admiration enhances survival.
This desire for acknowledgment and commendation is in itself healthy, and indeed the motivation for many great human endeavours, but it quickly runs amok if unchecked.
There lies the need for introspection and reflection. There comes the need to curtail unbridled ambitions. Every thought, every idea should be thoroughly examined. So that self seeking cravings are aborted and the less privileged are not exploited, in guise of public donations.
In this party of feigned concerns for the downtrodden, no one dons better attires than political office holders or wannabes. Their colours are the brightest and their linen the choicest. By some stroke of magic, market women and street children suddenly become noticeable, weeks to elections. Without hesitation or reluctance, every resource is then mobilised for “stomach infrastructure”.
But those are political jobbers. One need not take their merry band seriously. Distance should however be maintained, so their illness is not transferred, if contagious.
Now to the zealously held and sadly, familiar: The devotion in some temples is high, but more for contests during harvests. Either to appeal to human psychology, or to ensure transparency, anonymity of donors is jettisoned. Names and family donations are published.
So the affair, for the vain hearted, becomes a race to lead the pack. Or to at least match contemporaries, if there is no means. Even those who ordinarily will not donate are forced by that method. The results will be in public glare. So the shame of making no contribution gates many penniless members at home.
But despite that narrative, it is not yet a central teaching that acts of philanthropy be trumpeted. The bible in fact speaks to the contrary. One can reason with the way of the world nonetheless. Charitable organisations need to show evidence for donor funds. But if philanthropy is done out of personal account, why draw attention to it?
When we gather the hungry, the homeless, the wretched, and take pictures of kind selves as we provide relief, we simply are mocking their sorry state. When we upload those pictures for Instagram likes, and in exchange for retweets on Twitter, we strip our victims of dignity.
Yet, can’t charity be announced so the community can imitate? Certainly it can. But he really must be a peculiar man, that finds no example of good behaviour but himself.
It is good and praiseworthy to be a philanthropist. But it is even better to be a quiet one.

Adeyoose writes from Ibadan, he can be reached via adeyoosesola@yahoo.com

Pastor Adeboye spits fire: I will kill anybody who touches my wife

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has warned that he would kill anyone who touches his wife, Pastor (Mrs) Foluke Adeboye.

Pastor Adeboye, fondly called ‘daddy G.O’ said people are free to slap, criticize or lie against him, but to do such against his wife, he would kill the person.

The cleric enjoined couples to be ready to lay down their lives for their partner.

He spoke during Sunday service on message titled “Activating Your Destiny” at the National Headquarters of RCCG, Throne of Grace Parish, Ebutte Meta, Lagos.

He said, “Be ready to lay down your life for your partner if you’re truly in love. My wife doesn’t like me saying this.

“You can slap me; you can lie against me, you can criticise me, it doesn’t bother me, but touch my wife, I’ll kill you!

“I want the world to hear. They’ll say if I killed, they’ll arrest me, jail me, that is if I killed with cutlass or gun.

“If you tamper with my wife, I will talk to my Daddy and you’ll sleep and will not wake.

“If you want to marry a person who’s influential, marry a pastor. If he does not fall into sin, he’ll remain a pastor forever.

“Marry for love. It’ll endure. I’ve been married for 50 years and still on honeymoon. I was the poorest among those lurking around the girl I married.

“One was a lawyer who had a car; I had nothing. But I told the girl that if you marry me, whatever I am, wherever I ever become, will be yours.

“I was not a Christian, but i was an incurable optimist. We struggled over ‘pomo’ as I usually hear me say, but today if we want to eat a cow now, God will provide.

“After our wedding in September 8, 1967, we faced challenges. The baby came 1968. It was tough. We were happy because we were in love.

“I had no car, no house, a marriage into a rented room and a parlour. We have stories to tell. If you marry for love, the reason it will last is because God is love.

“You must continue to tend the fire, meaning: no matter how little, you must constantly give gifts to your partner. If it’s given in love, it’ll be appreciated.

“When two people are in love, they exchange gifts. Always open your mouth to say to your partner “I love you.”

Trump administration claims North Korea pushing US to the edge

United States Defense Secretary, James Mattis, on Sunday said North Korea can expect a “massive military response” for pushing the country to the edge.
It re-echoed its warning following North Korea’s latest threat against US territory of Guam and other America’s allies.
White House said the president emphasized the range of retaliatory measures available to the US, including nuclear weapons, in a conversation earlier with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
Mattis, Trump and the president’s top advisers met at the White House Sunday about North Korea’s announced hydrogen bomb test.
The Pentagon chief told reporters that the US is not looking for the “total annihilation” of North Korea, but “we have many options to do so.”
“Secretary Mattis expressed the only viable option in his statement, which is a firm and clear deterrent policy toward North Korea,” said Hoover Institution Fellow Michael Auslin.
Auslin, however, told VOA the goal of North Korea’s denuclearization, which Mattis also repeated Sunday, is unrealizable.
“Continuing to insist on denuclearization means further rounds of negotiations, and the past quarter-century has shown that negotiations do not work,” he says.
“The Trump administration has the opportunity to chart a new, more realistic course for U.S. policy, but not if it adopts the failed policies and goals of previous administrations.”

Prophet Okoli says homosexuality is not sin

Prophet Arinze Okoli, the General Overseer of Higher Life World Fellowship, in Akokwa, Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo State, has declared that being homosexual is not a sin.

In a statement on Sunday, the cleric noted that he may be wrong but if men are judged sinners because of their orientation of sex, then all men are sinners indeed.

He said; “Homosexuality is not sin as am led to say, I may be wrong but God’s everything. When I say being gay is no sin, I mean sin is judged sin with no disparity.

“All men have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but in grace sin is overlooked to count men righteous through faith even though they don’t qualify.

“What is sin? According to James a disobedient of the law or transgressions of the law, any man that wants the law is indebted to do the whole law, but Christ has abolished it and brought in liberty, in Christ no man is judge a sinner if he works in faith.

“The issue here is, can somebody be a gay Christian? If men are judged sinners because of their orientation of sex, then all men are sinners in did.

“In my post on gay people, I said the act might not be sinful. It’s is a revelation I had. God judges all men under sin, that they might be justified by faith, that’s what they believe. Faith is the principal here because God grants you, your faith.”