Ejakpovi Says Well Stocked Library, Vital For Tertiary Institutions

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Ejakpovi Says Well Stocked Library, Vital For Tertiary Institutions


CHAIRMAN, Governing Council, School of Health Technology (DESCOHTECH), Ofuoma-Ughelli,  Dr. (Pharm.) Nelson Ejakpovi has said well stocked Library was very vital in tertiary institutions.


According to Dr Ejakpovi, students will not cover the required grounds academically without a Library that was stocked with books that were related to courses offered by such institutions.


Dr Ejakpovi made the disclosure while addressing the leadership of Students Union Government (SUG) of DESCOHTECH.  In attendance at the occasion were the members of the Governing Council, Dr Chris Oharisi and Hon. Sunny Tatabuzogwu, including the Provost of the institution,  Dr. (Mrs.) Agnes Olojoba.


The DESCOHTECH Governing Council Chairman decried lack of books in the Library of the DESCOHTECH, assuring that adequate steps would be taken to address the situation while an E-Library would also be established for the students to have unfettered access to research materials.


"You need equipment to practice on your own off lecture periods because, some departments cannot be open to only theories," he said, adding, "the Library is of great importance to us, we will make proper research on the books you (students of  DESCOHTECH) need for us to stock the library."

He emphasized, "we will also, have an e-library for you to have access to all the books and topics you need; you should be prepared to read because we are going to give you so much to read."


The Pharmacist also informed the students that, "the school is in the process of being upgraded to a College and with such, all the certificate courses would be scrapped but, you should be prepared to work on your own without depending on government jobs after graduation because we are training you to be professionals."


President of the SUG, Comrade Tejohwo Rufus. described the appointment of Dr. Ejakpovi as a divine answer to their prayers and expressed confidence that Dr Ejakpovi has the experience and means to positively, turn around the fortunes of the institution.

Jonathan built no roads: You Lied In Church, Okupe tells Osinbajo

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Jonathan built no roads: You Lied In Church, Okupe tells Osinbajo


Former Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe, has taken shots at VP, Yemi Osinbajo.


His angst was the claim Osinbajo made in church that the administrations of Goodluck Jonathan, and Umaru Yar’adua built no roads.


Okupe who expresed his opinion on his Facebook page on  Sunday, described the remark  “a lie and an absolute falsehood.”


While expressing regrets that the statement was made in a church, Okupe, who stated this on his Facebook page, said that the church has a role to play in politics and that Osinbajo was wrong in assertion.


The former Presidential aide wrote that: “This is perhaps one of the most difficult posts I have made to date.”


“Prof Yemi Osinbajo and I have a few things in common. He is a professional in politics like me. He is a practising Christian and a revered Pastor. I am a practising christian and an aspiring Evangelist.”


“We both are alumni of Igbobi college, Yaba. Lagos. His younger brother and mine were classmates at Igbobi and are both pastors of the fountain of life church, Ilupeju, where I became grounded in Christianity under the mentorship of the celebrated and revered man of God, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.”


“It was in this church and before a body of pastors undergoing a spiritual retreat that the Vice President went and said that the federal government in the last 10 years have not constructed a single new road.”


“This statement is a lie and an absolute falsehood. Many people have said so. But this is not why I am writing this. My concern is the erroneous assumption that just because the VP is a Christian therefore every christian is APC.”


“This why the VP’s statement is unfortunate in that it was a wrong statement made in a wrong place(church) and before a wrong audience.”


“The church must also be sensitive and mindful of the danger in bringing politics into the church. For Prof Osinbajo, if only he remembered the Igbobi college motto ” omnes unum in domino” meaning ” all are one in the Lord, he would not have committed such a blunder.”


“Our God is God of APC, PDP, Labour etc. Having said this the VP is someone I hold in very high esteem and he knows this. I am also proud of his role in this administration.

10 quotable quotes of the week: “We did not say we will employ, we said we will create jobs.” Lai Mohammed 

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10 quotable quotes of the week: “We did not say we will employ, we said we will create jobs.” Lai Mohammed 

–          Minister for Information, Lai Mohammed speaking on APC campaign promises (Source: Channels TV)


“If any INEC officer is bent on rigging the rerun elections, let him first tell his wife and children where his will is located because he will be treated as a political armed robber.”

–          Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state warning against rigging of the forthcoming general elections in the state (Source: Nigerian Tribune)


“I have been a military governor, petroleum minister, military Head of State and headed the Petroleum Trust Fund. Never had I heard the words ‘budget padding.’”

–          President Muhammadu Buhari vowing to punish those responsible for the distortion of the 2016 federal budget, while addressing the Nigerian community in Saudi Arabia (Source: Premium Times)


“In the 2015 presidential election, the APC was more prepared for defeat than for victory. The party did not expect to win and clearly had no agenda for victory.”

–          A scholar and international affairs expert, Femi Aribisala, criticising the APC-led federal government over its handling of the Nigerian economy (Source: Premium Times)


“If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan.”

–          Republican presidential candidate in the U.S, Marco Rubio calling out his rival, Donald Trump for his privileged background, during a recent GOP debate (Source: CNN)

“His holiness cannot be killed; He is not a mere mortal like the rest of us.”

–          An unnamed member of Rev. King’s Christian Pentecostal Assembly reportedly said of the Supreme Court judgment upholding the death sentence against King (Source: The Nation newspaper)


“Next month marks a year since President @mbuhari was elected. There’s a time for everything. The time for blaming @GEJonathan should be over.”

–          Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (Source: Twitter)



“Each time I am with any woman’s underwear, I feel like I am making love.”

–          22-year-old man, Chigozie Ugwu, paraded by the police in Anambra State for stealing 52 women’s underwear. (Source: Punch newspaper)


“I cannot run away; I am Ayo Fayose. If you hit me, you hit trouble, if I hit you, you will be in trouble.”

–          The governor of Ekiti state, Mr. Ayodele Fayose accusing APC-led federal government of planning to make Nigeria an Islamic state (Source: Nigerian Tribune)


“It’s time, it’s time, it’s time for a woman in the White House.”

–          A crowd in Columbia, South Carolina reportedly chanted after U.S Democratic presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton’s landslide win in the South Carolina primary (Source: Aljazeera) 


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Motto: helping the less privilege.


In line with the S.M.A.R.T Agenda of the state governor Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa keyed into by the founder of Okiemute Hope Foundation, Olorogun Akigho Kent Okiemute SA to Governor Okowa on Political which is aimed at making handwork/Skills acquisition a priority to all Deltans, also remove them from poverty and embrace Peace.


It was founded to promote the social and economic development of women and youth at sustainable levels. Okiemute Hope Foundation envisages a world where women and youth are socially and economically empowered.




Beneficiaries were screened for the following Skills.








1 Okpako Sarah

2 Edah Oghenero

3 Okiemute Onome

4 Umukoro Monday

5 Wilson Flora

6 Akpofure Sunday

7 Onoriobakpo Ochuko

8 Oghenevwarhe Ernest

9 Akpokovo Helen

10 Monday  Nancy

11 Eferaye Elizebeth

12 Oba Rital

13 Ubi John

14 Jerry Onovughe

15 Faith  Aruoturhe

16 Okeregha David

17 Okuanyonu Ojiyovwi

18 Emakpo Emonena

19 Samuel Favour

20 Ivugherhe Andrew

21 Willy Ofejiro

22 Ubogu Emonena

23 Aghwute Loveth

24 Otega Helen

25 Idjakpa Wisdom

26 Anthonia Emmanuel

27 Eduyovwiri Jokpa

28 Blessing Lucky

29 Odudukudu Maurreen

30 Ovoke Eduyovwiri

31 Odokuma Akpesiri

32 Eyakware Loveth

33 Omoerhi Peter

34 Adu Ajokpa

35 Awaiting…


After the Screening excercise the beneficiaries prayed to God almighty and gave Kudos to the founder of the foundation for given them this unforgettable empowerment and they Uninanimously promised they will take the training more serious to enable them get their starter pack at the end of the program. K

Kano Emir Orders Immediate Repatriation of Abducted 13-year old Girl from Bayelsa

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Kano Emir Orders Immediate Repatriation of Abducted 13-year old Girl from Bayelsa

The Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi II on Monday distanced himself and Kano emirate council from the purported abduction of a 13 years old girl, Ese Oruru, and ordered the Sharia Commission to repatriate the teenager with her family.


Sanusi also ordered the sharia commission to liaise with the office of Deputy Inspector General of police zone One to repatriate and reconcile the teenager with her family immediately.


It could be recalled that Ese Oruru was allegedly abducted in Opolo, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, by one Yunusa an indigene of Kura local government area of Kano sometimes in August, 2015.


Details shortly


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"The hallmark of a good leader is not just in his ability to rule well but also his ability to nurture and groom his followers cum associates and in this regard Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi, has greatly excelled".


Life they say is a journey, and in every journey there is always a man destined to lead and Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi is that man. They may envy all they want, they may criticize all they want but they certainly can not take your shine away, for you MY BOSS is the brightest amongst all the many shining stars abound our land.


I have been called names, i have been accused unjustly by a select few but all their antics doesn't flinch me one bit for i know working with you is surely the best and quickest path to attracting development to our people.


In spreading your good works, i have been tagged a praise singer and today i am going to fulfill that tag fully with this piece, so that whenever they label me the name again, I shall indeed smile and answer it with all honour and excellence. 


Many years ago, you created a pathway for our youths, laying a solid foundation and providing the needed platform for us youths of Ndokwa Nation to excel greatly, you became our torch bearer, our pyramid and the symbol of our collective struggle, oh truly if not for your sacrifice what would have been the fate of our youths today.


I remember talking to my dear brother Sunny Enujeke one particular night some four months ago during the height of the agitation for the OFN FUNDS, and he was telling me how well you spoke at a meeting he attended, giving me facts not fictions as to enable me see the true picture of the various issues some persons were accusing you of and immediately, I screamed out laughing and said clearly "Sunny o, Hon. don brain wash you oo" but the very day we met at your office, even me people call brilliant, even me most call a very sound intellectual and a man of many knowledge, was totally awed, bewildered and left speechless as you kept giving me properly thought out answers one after the other to every single question i placed across to you and by the time our meeting ended, i was left with nothing but pure admiration for you, believing totally in the phrase "Never judge a book by its cover especially when that cover is being written by someone else". I said to myself right there, alas Sunny was truly brain washed but only with the truth.


I smile when they talk about you and i laugh even more when the same set of persons criticizing you call me to give commendations to your good work privately, asking to be carried along. I do not fret when i read their baseless accusations, I do not worry when they start their petty gossip, neither do i break a sweat when they say i am singing you praises, for indeed only great men enjoy such luxuries.


They called me a sell out for deciding to work with you and now i dare to ask this, "when has it become a crime to work with my kinsman?", but should they say its a crime, then this is one crime i regret not committing earlier than i did, as i rather sell out to the one man whom has the solid interest of my people at heart, the one man whom has shown so much desire for the welfare and general well being of the Ndokwa youths, the one man whom is investing so much in the education of our young youths in a bid to help shape their future better, giving them over one hundred scholarship in less than one week, the one man who is currently building ultra modern blocks of class rooms in all wards of Ndokwa East so as to enable our little ones learn in a more conducive environment and above all the one whom has continued to better the lives of our people through live changing empowerment and solid human capacity developmental programs. Should they still say i have sold out even after reading this, please permit me boss to resell to you again, for i rather be a sell out who imparted positively in the lives of our people through your good office than be he who keeps finding faults yet never contributes to the welfare of our people.


Once upon a time Ndokwa Youths could not speak out in the affairs of the state, not because we don't know what to say but because we had no torch bearer, but today if the Itsekiri Youths call on Ayiri or Ejele and the Urhobo Youth calls on Igho Sanomi, we the Gallant Youths of Ndokwa Nation have the Otunba 1 of Africa Rt. Hon. Friday Osanebi to call upon. 


Your achievements have giving us due relevance and created a pride of place for us and today i can boldly stand and speak up anywhere to say i am truly, a proud Youth from Ndokwa Nation and this is a legacy nobody not even your fiercest critics can take away from you.


Yes, i know you may not be 100 percent perfect and i know you may have your flaws for as human this is only natural, as God almighty alone remains the only all perfect being, but i want you to know this, despite your flaws, despite your shortcomings and imperfections, you still remain the very best Ndokwa Nation has ever had and i am convinced fully without doubts that one day you shall fulfill the dreams, yearnings and aspirations of our people for an Ndokwa Man becoming the number one citizen of our beloved Delta State.


You have done well but don't relent, do not stop neither should you pause your good works but rather continue doing even more, empower our youths and women the more so as for them to be self sustained, continue your developmental stride, continue on your human capacity development and people oriented ideology, attract more infrastructural development to our people, give our students even more scholarships and make our schools more convenient for our little ones to learn and whenever you can, please create employment opportunities for our youths like you have always done.


Without mincing words you are the best already but you can still be better than the best as there is no limit to what you can achieve, continue your giant strides so that at the end even those that sit in the comfort of their arm chair to criticize would be the same set of people spreading the message of your good works to all corners of our land and even beyond.


Let them call this a love letter, let them call it a piece written for the sake of stomach infrastructure, i sincerely do not mind but i want you to know this, i am committed to your ideologies of a better life for our people, i am loyal to your cause of restoring fully the pride of place for our youths and my support for you in delivering the dividends of democracy to our people is totally Unshakable.


Despair not when they make your achievements a point of discuss all over Ndokwa Nation, worry not when they try to drag your name into any issue they wanna talk about, for even they know YOUR STAR IS THE BRIGHTEST and anything associated with it becomes great instantly, as truly you are THE VERY BEST, THE BRIGTHEST AND YOUR SHINE CAN NEVER BE STOPPED.


You are a good leader and an even better follower, one so humble yet so passionate about his people and its an honour to be called one of your closest and trusted Disciples and I know for a fact that surely our partnership shall make our land great.


I would have to end this here so as to be very brief, for should i be allowed to continue days would pass before its read to the end but before i stop punching my keypad i want you to know this, "your success is my utmost concern, being an asset to your journey and not a liability is my innermost desire and i am dedicated to contributing my own quota on issues that will better the lives of our people.







David Mark Collects Certificate Of Return From INEC

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 Immediate past president of the Senate Senator David Mark has stated that his victory at the Benue South rerun election is a renewed mandate to continue to serve God and humanity without blemish.


Senator Mark said this when he received his certificate of return at Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) headquarters today in Abuja.


His words: “for the confidence, trust and love for me , I will continue to serve honestly with all my heart. My actions will always be guided by the fear of God”.




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Rivers State governor, Barr Nyesom Wike has vowed to treat like a political armed robber, any official of the Indepen¬dent National Electoral Commis¬sion (INEC) who colludes to rig the forthcoming rerun election in the states, urging such officials to first make their final will.

Wike made this known while speaking during an in¬terdenominational ‘Thanksgiving and Victory Celebration’ of the historic Supreme Court verdict that validated his election, where said he stood for a free and fair re¬run elections in Rivers State,

The governor whose election victory was recently validated by the Supreme Court after it was challenged by the state opposi¬tion, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Dakuku Pe-terside, also reacted to the recent invasion of Ogoni land and the killing of indigenes by suspected soldiers saying that desperation for power led to the killing of Ogoni people via an ill-fated military op¬eration in Yeghe community in the state.

He said his administration would stand firm to protect the Ogoni people, saying that only those in support of ‘political armed robbery’ will kick against his declaration insisting that those who plan to rig election in the state will be resisted.

The governor said he stood for free and fair rerun elections in Rivers State, warned that nobody would be allowed to subvert the mandate of the people with the use of the military, noting that it is the responsibility of INEC to conduct credible rerun elections.

“Let me reiterate, if any INEC officer is bent on rigging the re¬run elections, let him first tell his wife and children where his will is located because he will be treat¬ed as a political armed robber.

“Popularity is tested on the ground. It is not by carrying sol¬diers around to intimidate voters. As your governor, I don’t carry soldiers around. How can a poli¬tician be campaigning with sol¬diers?” He queried.

According to Wike, no mat¬ter the number of soldiers intro¬duced in Rivers State, the people will protect their votes and the PDP will emerge victorious in all the rerun elections.

“I will continue to threaten po¬litical armed robbers. I will stand firm against those who use guns to steal votes”.

Governor Wike who led the congregation to observe a min¬ute silence for those killed by the army during the ill-fated opera¬tion in Ogoni land on Monday and Tuesday, announced that the Rivers State Government would cater for the needs of the widows, their children and all the loved ones of those who lost their lives.

Also speaking at the event, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State accused President Muham¬madu Buhari of plotting to make Nigeria become a full Islamic na¬tion.

The governor who described himself as the biblical Peter, the Rock which cannot be harmed by anyone, announced to the revel¬ing audience that he had a secret he would like to reveal to them about the Buhari-led APC gov¬ernment.

Fayose said “They have started subtle moves to make Nigeria an Islamic nation but God will stop them. This was done in 1984, it failed, and it would fail again. Why did five of them go to Saudi Arabia to wait for our man there (referring to President Buhari and state governors), if they don’t have agenda.

“The agenda is coming small, small, but we will resist it. Nige¬ria is a free nation where we pro¬claim the name of Jesus Christ freely, and we believe in Allah for those who are Muslims. This nation will not be taken for an Is¬lamic nation”.



Current Oil Prices Totally Unacceptable, Says Buhari.

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Current Oil Prices Totally Unacceptable, Says Buhari.


President Muhammadu Buhari has described the current prices of oil as “totally unacceptable”.


As against 2015 when a barrel of oil sold over $100, it now sells at $30.


Speaking in Doha on Sunday during a meeting with Tamim Bin Hammad Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, Buhari said there was need for OPEC and non-OPEC members to cooperate and find a common ground to stabilise crude oil prices.


“As members of OPEC and Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), our relations in the areas of oil and gas, which our two nations heavily rely on, need to be enhanced and coordinated for the benefit of our people,” Femi Adesina, the president’s spokesman, quoted him as saying.


“The current market situation in the oil industry is unsustainable and totally unacceptable.


“We must cooperate both within and outside our respective organisations to find a common ground to stabilize the market, which will be beneficial to our nations.”


Buhari also used the occasion of his address to the emir to commend the existing cordial bilateral relations between both countries and invited prospective Qatari investors to take advantage of the abundant opportunities in Nigeria and invest in the key areas of energy, agriculture, real estate development, banking and finance.


He assured prospective investors of government protection of their persons and investment, noting that in the course of his visit, the delegations from Nigeria and Qatar would formalise at least two bilateral agreements to boost economic cooperation between both countries.


Buhari also weighed-in on the situation in the Middle East, commending the role Qatar is playing in resolving the present Syrian crisis, the Palestinian cause and efforts in reconstructing Gaza.


“The conflicts in Yemen and Syria with their attendant humanitarian crisis need genuine international effort to solve,” Buhari said.


“Nigeria as a peace loving country identifies with the State of Qatar in all her peace efforts in the world to end terrorist activities.


“Nigeria is a victim of terrorism. It is with heavy heart that I stand before you and say activities of Boko Haram have led to loss of many lives and displacement of innocent people in our dear nation.


“We, however, take pride to inform you that since our coming to power, Boko Haram has been systematically decimated and are in no position to cause serious threat to our development programmes.


“I wish to reiterate that Nigeria rejects violence and extremism in all their ramifications, and assure your Highness that we are with the State of Qatar in your efforts to fight terrorism and injustice in your region and in the world at large.”


Buhari also called for a lasting solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, saying “we in Nigeria, like the State of Qatar, favour a ‘Two State’ solution, with the State of Palestine living side by side with the State of Israel.


“I want to assure you that we will stand side by side with you, until our brothers and sisters in Palestine achieve their desired objectives.


“Our support for various security council resolutions restoring and respecting 1967 boundaries with Jerusalem as capital of Palestine is firm and unshaken.”


Read more at: https://www.thecable.ng/current-oil-prices-totally-unacceptable-says-buhari 


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Hon Godwin Abigor returns to PDP . Attends ward meeting

Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, contested the Delta State House of Assembly for Warri South constituency 1, Mr Godwin Abigor has returned back to  Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, it can be recalled that Hon Godwin Abigor lost out to Mrs  Omawumi Udoh PDP candidate who replaced  him at the Delta State House of Assembly over the judgment at the court of Appeal. 


Present at the meeting is Hon Omimi  Esquire,  Political  Adviser  to Delta State Governor.