ANAMBRA: Gov Okowa Attends Gov Obiano Late Mother’s Madam Christiana Obiano Thanksgiving Mass At St Joseph Catholic Church, Aguleri In Anambra State.

ANAMBRA: Gov Okowa Attends Gov Obiano Late Mother’s Madam Christiana Obiano Thanksgiving Mass At St Joseph Catholic Church, Aguleri In Anambra State. Continue reading “ANAMBRA: Gov Okowa Attends Gov Obiano Late Mother’s Madam Christiana Obiano Thanksgiving Mass At St Joseph Catholic Church, Aguleri In Anambra State.”

So Sad: 2 Siblings Die As Flood Takes Over Onitsha

Two children of same parents aged 12 and 6 have been confirmed dead following massive flooding in Okpoko, New Haven Layout, Ogbaru, Anambra State, The Sun News reports.

Rainfall which started on Thursday evening and lasted through the early morning yesterday left several properties damaged in parts of Onitsha, Owelle Aja and Oduke in Obosi and Okpoko area.

Church buildings, fences, vehicles and houses were damaged in the flooding.

In Okpoko area, streets affected include Achina, Ojibe, Onyekwelu and Emenike.

Consoling Mr John Obasi, father of the victims, chieftain of the Progressive Peoples Alliance and governorship aspirant, Mr. Godwin Ezeemo lamented that lack of proper planning and drainage system had caused untold hardship in several parts of the state.

Ezeemo who was pained by the loss of the children under such circumstances called on both state and federal governments to urgently come to the aid of the displaced and affected families.

President General of Okpoko community, Chief Linus Ezenwamma blamed the flooding in the area on indiscriminate dumping of refuse leading to blockage of drainage channels.

FG Receives 198 Nigerians Deported from Saudi Arabia

The Federal Government on Saturday received no fewer than 198 Nigerians illegally residing in Saudi Arabia at the Malam Aminu Kano International Airport at about 10 am.

This number was out of the 1,800 Nigerians living illegally in Saudi Arabia, who were given amnesty to return to the country.

The 198 persons including women and children returned with their luggage on board a Med-View aircraft.

Officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in Kano received the first batch of the returnees.

Mohammed Yahaya-Sani, the Consular at the Nigerian Consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, who led the illegal immigrants to Nigeria, told newsmen at the airport that the Federal Government sponsored their return.

According to him, the illegal migrants voluntarily reported to the Nigerian Embassy to be returned to Nigeria in compliance with the three months evacuation notice issued to them by Saudi authorities, which will expire on July 24.

Yahaya-Sani said that contrary to speculations, the returnees were not deported rather they voluntarily accepted the amnesty offer granted them by the Saudi authorities for illegal immigrants to leave the country.

“They decided on their own to return to Nigeria. The Saudi authorities offered amnesty to all illegal immigrants to leave the country within three months,” he said.

The official handed over the returnees to NEMA officials at the airport who witnessed and documented their returns before they later departed to their various towns and villages.


The deteriorating mind of Femi Adesina – By Femi Fani-Kayode


I am convinced that Femi Adesina has now finally lost his mind. In his latest essay he compared Buhari to David.

What on earth is Davidic about Buhari? David was a Spirit-filled believer and a heroic and courageous child of God whilst Buhari is a son of perdition and a tyrannical servant of satan.

Femi also said Buhari could have “cut off the heads” of his opponents, meaning he could have had them assassinated. Gosh. Poor Femi.

He has just made a cardinal spiritual blunder the consequences of which I have no doubt that he will deeply regret. I knew that he was frustrated but I never knew he was a man of blood.

I never knew that he and his leader believed in murder as a tool of governance. God will see to it that they pay a terrible price for even thinking of taking the life of their detractors and political enemies both in this life and in the next.

The truth is that God alone gives and takes life and whether they like it or not He guards His own jealously. No-one is intimidated by Femi’s implicit threat.

He ought to be mindful of the fact that whilst he and his associated are planning to take someone elses precious life they may end up losing your own. Examples of that are replete in the Holy Bible.

Abishai and David’s other strong men were courageous and righteous men who undertook a noble cause, shed the blood of evil men and fought against tyranny.

That is not the case with Buhari’s cabal. They are the opposite. They are the darkness that seeks the darkness. They prey on the weak, they destroy the young and they slay the old, the vulnerable and the weary.

Buhari has no Abishai’s around him. He has no Joab’s and no Prophet Samuel’s either. He only has Absalom’s, Haman’s, Judas’, Dalila’s and Ahitophel’s.

That is the tragedy and the weakness of his Presidency. That plus the fact that he does not fear God and he does not respect the rights of the Nigerian people.

Finally Femi wrote “when Buhari returns home some people will bury their heads in shame”. He is wrong.

The truth is that when Buhari returns home some people will prop him up and pretend that he is well enough to be President until he falls sick and goes back abroad again.

It is called “corspsocracy” and it is defined as the rulership of the living by the dead.

Instead of telling us that his principal can kill us all Femi should consider his many failings and fluctuating health and advise him to resign honourably.

That is what a real believer and a true man of honor would counsel his erring and ailing boss to do and not try to intimidate those of us that are in opposition with blatant, vulgar and bullish threats of assassination.

The path of blood is a dark and unpredictable one. I advise Femi not to take it.

PMB and the Descendants of Shimei – By Femi Adesina

There is nothing new under the sun, goes a popular saying. In fact, the more things seem to change, the more they appear the same. From time immemorial, some people have spoken evil of leadership, cast aspersions on them, and generally portrayed themselves as scum of the earth. No matter how a country loves its leader, there will naturally be those that the Good Book calls “filthy dreamers” who “despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.” That is why as spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari, I never respond to such people. Their type would always be around.

President Buhari has been indisposed since the beginning of the year. It is human, and presidents, despite their elevated status, remain human. If there is anybody who considers himself 100 percent healthy, or who bears what William Shakespeare calls “a charmed life,” let that person stand up to be identified. All mortals are doomed to sickness, they can recover, and they can die. That is the truth that has been internalized by millions of people praying for the recovery of our President. And that is where the shallowness, vacuousness, and hollowness of people who wish the President dead, and carry unfounded rumors, is on stark display. Filthy dreamers. They speak evil of dignities, and despise dominion. But we forgive them, for they know not what they do. When President Buhari returns (as God would make him do) where would they hide their faces? In shame.

Now, I started by saying we would always have scumbags around. It is inevitable. They are the descendants of Shimei, the son of Gera, whom I want to introduce to you now.

Who is Shimei? Well, I met him on the pages of the Good Book, and he bears striking similitude to some people in our country today. The evil wishers, the hate monger, and those who spend their days conjecturing tragedy for leadership.

Absalom, the son of King David, had led an insurrection against his father. And the king of Israel fled, with some of his supporters in tow. As David got to a place called Bahurim, the Holy Bible records that Shimei, the son of Gera, a man of the family of Saul, came out, and started cursing the fleeing king. You don’t kick a man that is down, goes a saying, but Shimei not only cursed David, he also threw dust and stones at him. It was a show of shame.

David had succeeded Saul as king of Israel. And Shimei was from the family of Saul (read, People’s Democratic Party, PDP). Shimei hadn’t forgotten the bloody nose the family of Saul got, when the kingship was taken away from them, and given to David. So when the latter got into a time of travail, no pity at all from people still smarting from bloody noses.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), inspired by Muhammadu Buhari, halted the 60-year pipe dream of PDP at the polls in 2015. Has the latter forgotten? No, they won’t forget till forever. But so much is the animus, the antipathy towards the President that they wish him dead. While millions of Nigerians are praying, some elements are rejoicing, and imagining evil. But they forget: man is not God, and Jehovah always has the final say. The descendants of Shimei need to learn vital lessons from their forebear.

As the base fellow assaulted the fleeing king, Abishai, one of David’s mighty men, said:”Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over and take off his head.”(2 Samuel, 16:9). But David restrained him, saying if God had not permitted Shimei, he could not have done what he was doing.

President Buhari has tolerated people who have called him all sorts of names in the past two years. If he didn’t move against them directly, he could have allowed many Abishais to move against them, “and take off their heads.” But not our President, a reformed democrat, a pious man, who has resolved to leave the people suffused by hatred unto God. And will they get their just desserts one day? As night follows the day, they will. If not from man, they will get it from God. Their forefather, Shimei did. He reaped what he sowed.

After some time, the rebellion led by Absalom was crushed by loyal troops, and David regained the throne. As he headed back into the city, who came to meet the king, with one thousand of his relatives, pleading for mercy? Shimei. The Yorubas say the same mouth that the snail used to abuse the gods, is what it uses to lick the dusts of the earth. Shimei had suddenly become gentle. And humble, too. He fell down before David, and said:”I have sinned. Have mercy on me. Don’t remember what I did against you on the day you went out of Jerusalem.”

Heh, on a certain day, some people would come to prostrate, begging for mercy, asking President Buhari to forgive and forget. What will the President do? What did David do? Abishai said again to King David:”Let me bring down the head of this man, who cursed, and threw stones at you?”

But David said to Shimei:”Thou shall not surely die.” And the king swore unto him.

But did Shimei live happily ever after? Old sins, they say, have long shadows. Before David died, he instructed Solomon his son, who succeeded him, not to forget to deal with Shimei. At least, David had kept his part of the bargain not to kill Shimei.

What did Solomon do? He restricted Shimei to Jerusalem, adding that any day he went out of the city would be his last on earth. Days, weeks, and months went by. Shimei remained gentle. But on a certain day, two servants belonging to him ran away to Gath, another city. Shimei saddled his horses, and led his men to bring back the servants. He had received mercy from David, but he couldn’t show mercy to the servants. Mercy begets mercy.

The story was told to Solomon. Shimei has left Jerusalem. He went to Gath, contrary to your instructions. It was time for judgment. Solomon commanded that what Abishai had long wanted to do should be done to Shimei. And his head was brought down.

Will the descendants of Shimei repent, turn a new leaf, and become human? Will they recognize their own mortality? He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still. He that is overtaken by hate, let him remain hateful still. Behold, I come quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to every man according as his work shall be.

Let the descendants of Shimei who have ears to hear please hear. There is recompense for evil, and there is also recompense for good.

Femi Adesina is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Buhari

Revealed: PSG agree contract terms with Neymar

Barcelona forward Neymar has agreed personal terms on a contract with Paris Saint Germain.

The decision means the club can now push forward with their plans to trigger his €222 million buyout clause.

ESPN reports that Neymar and his father, who has been in discussions with the French side’s Qatari owners and sporting director Antero Henrique for the past few days, have finally agreed to a massive contract of at least four years.

The 25-year-old will be earning about €30m a year after taxes and will also be handed a major signing on fee in excess of his net annual sum in France.

Neymar and his father will also profit from a number of club owners Oryx Qatar Sports Investments’ other commercial ventures in Paris and away from the world of football.

Also French newspaper Le Parisien, reports that Neymar has already told some of his current teammates that he is leaving for PSG.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before Traveling

It’s important to have a checklist of things you must never forget before traveling, to help keep them in mind and avoid forgetting them. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 things you shouldn’t forget before traveling.

Copies of Important Documents

It is not enough to just have a copy of important documents when you travel, you should have copies of them. This can prove to be a ‘lifesaver’ for you if or when you find yourself in emergency situations. Also, if you know you’re the forgetful type, you’ll probably need a lot more than one copy of important documents so you don’t end up stranded or in a tight corner if you happen to forget or misplace it.

First Aid Kit

This is especially useful if you’re travelling to an unfamiliar state, country or area. Rather than wasting time trying to find a pharmacy, it is best to have a first aid kit with all the necessary pills and medicines you might need in case of an emergency. This is to save you from the stress of looking far and wide for a pharmacy in an area you are more or less a stranger in. Also, you should find out if any of the medicines you are taking along need a prescription in the area, state or country you are traveling to, so you can get the necessary prescriptions and save yourself from avoidable legal troubles.

Multiple Adapter Plugs

Much like with having a first aid kit, especially when you’re traveling overseas, you should try to ensure you have multiple adapter plugs with you for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras etc. Try to have the appropriate plug or adapter for the area of the world you are visiting because not having one can end up being a nightmare for you. You’ll eventually have to search here and there, in an unfamiliar area, for a shop to buy said plug or adapter and might most times end up paying more money for it.

Essential Travel Apps and Devices

Technological innovation has really made things much easier for travelers and the development of travel apps and devices are just two of such technological innovations. There are essential travel apps like maps, dictionaries etc., and even tracking devices that can help you keep track of the location of your luggage at all times. Depending on the country you’re visiting, you can find the right travel app or device that works and that can help maximize your travel experience.

Your Money Options

This is obvious enough but this is a list about the things that must not be forgotten before traveling so it has to be mentioned. Ensure you have several money options available to you before traveling and call your bank to inform them of your travel plans, so they can take the necessary actions. If you can, it is advisable to take more than one type of card with you. For example, rather than taking all Mastercard cards, try to include a VISA card too, just in case.

Gov Akeredolu appoints Akeredolu new Acting Ondo Chief Judge

The governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu has appointed Oluwatoyin Akeredolu as the new Acting Chief Judge of the state.

The appointment came after several months of legal tussle seeking the removal of Justice Temitayo Osoba from the position.

Osoba took over as acting chief judge shortly before the assumption of office by governor Rotimi Akeredolu in February.

An Akure-based lawyer, Femi Emodamori, had instituted a suit at the state High Court, querying the eligibility of Mrs. Osoba.

He also petitioned the National Judicial Council, NJC, and later called for her removal after the three months period of her tenure as Acting CJ expired without any pronounced renewal before the expiration date of the tenure.

Despite being dragged to court over the eligibility of Justice Osoba, Mr. Akeredolu was reluctant to make any change until recently when the NJC gave a directive for the dissolution of the state judicial commission and an appointment of an acting chief judge as stipulated by the relevant laws.

Announcing the new appointment on Saturday, a statement from the governor’s office, signed by his press officer, Adeyanju Kola, said Mrs. Akeredolu’s appointment as the Chief Judge of Ondo State took effect from Saturday, July 22, 2017.

“This, according to the letter of appointment signed by the Governor of Ondo State, is in pursuant of section 271(15)of the 1999 constitution as amended,” the statement read.

“Also according to the letter, the appointment is based on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and Chairman of National Judicial Council,” it added.

Until her appointment, Justice Akeredolu was the head of criminal division in Ondo State High Court.

The statement also added that she would be sworn in on Monday July 24, 2017.